Al Ain Airshow 2006

This year we were proud to be invited to the first airshow of 2006, the Al
Ain Aerobatics Show 2006. Located in the United Arab Emirates Al Ain is
an oasis only 130 Km from Dubai. This city is rich in arab culture and
has many fascinating places to visit. With temperatures in January averaging
20 degrees C it is a welcome break from our British climate.
The Al Ain Aerobatic Show 2006 also hosted the FAI World Aerobatic Grand
Prix. Organised by the UAE Air Force and Air Defence and the Abu Dhabi
Tourism Authority this airshow is truly a premier event.
But what of the flying? Well the organisers not only invited some of the
most spectacular display pilots to their show but also chose the widest
range of aviation performers. Also displayed were the latest additions
to the UAE airforce; the Lockheed Martin F-16E Block 60, the Mirage 2000-9,
and the AH-64 Apache. With flying starting at mid day and finishing at
7pm spectators were constantly enthralled.

Thumbnails below will give you more images and information
about some of the performers.

The Russian Knights.
A team of five Sukhoi Su 27 'Flanker'.

Jim LeRoy
Flying the 'Bulldog' a highly modified Pitts S2S.

Honda Dream Team
Record breaking Will Curtis in the Sukhoi Su 26.

Breitling Jet Team
A team of five L-39 based in Dijon.

Royal Jordanian Falcons
Precision flying in four Extra 300.

Mazda Aerobatic Team
A pair of Zlin 50's from South Africa.

Mohr Barnstorming
Oldfashioned barnstorming in a 100% original Stearman.

Wing Walking
Wing walking on a Stearman.

Klaus Schrodt
Amazing aerobatics flying an Extra 300S.

Jurgis Kairys
Low level aerobatics in a Juka.

UAE Air Force.
The latest additions to the UAE airforce.

NADI World Free Fly Team 2006.
Free fall parachutists.

A formation display of microlights.

UAE Cultural Displays.
Traditional displays from the UAE.

Other participants at the Al Ain airshow 2006 included:
The Sasol Tigers    - L-29 jet trio.
Bob Essel Airshows   - Father and daughter wing walking duo.
Dan Buchanan   - Hang glider pyrotechnic display.